Human Resource

Simply Business Solutions offers a complete array of Human Resource services.  From hiring, to performance appraisals, to employee handbooks, to compensation, we simplify your job. By knowing how to attract and retain top talent, we fill vacancies in your organization so you don’t have to. When your new hire walks through the door, you provide a smile and his paycheck when the job is complete. We provide his employee handbook, compensation analysis, his performance appraisal, even his conflict resolution services when necessary.

The Need

Small business owners make multiple mistakes in regards to the management of the human resource side of their business.  So many rules, so many laws, how is one to keep up?  Some of the top issues small business owners struggle with are:

  • Bad Hires – not taking the time to properly vet a candidate, feeling in a hurry, too trusting of what people tell them,  lack of experience in the interview process
  • Lack of or outdated handbook – to properly manage employees you must set ground rules, that all starts with an employee handbook.  You cannot just make up rules in your head, fire someone for violating those rules, and then not expect to end up in court with a wrongful termination suit.
  • Performance – Lack of performance reviews, not documenting poor performance, little feedback, all lead to a recipe for dissatisfied employees and lead to a disastrous termination for poor performance.
  • Poor record keeping – Keeping track of all of the documentation is a common issue, I-9s, performance appraisals, exempt vs. non-exempt, W9s.  The government is watching and it is difficult to keep the records straight.

Simply Business Solutions can certainly help with all of these issues.  Click on the links below to learn more about specific services or call to have us come to your business to discuss Human Resource programs customized especially for your needs.

We offer various Human Resource services:

•  Employee Handbook Development               •  Job Description Development                   •  Performance Appraisals

•  Recruitment Services                                        •  Pre-Employment Services                          •  Compensation Analysis

•  Conflict Resolution                                            •  Health and Life Safety