Employee Handbook Development

Employee Handbook Development is an important part of any growing business.  This development signifies the transition from small enough to tell everyone how things are going to be, to needing to put it in writing to maintain consistency.

The employee handbook establishes concise guidelines to help employees better understand expectations placed on them by their employer.   Written thoroughly, it often serves as a crucial tool in conflict resolution and defense of claims against the employer such as wrongful termination or harassment claims.

Employee handbooks define the employer-employee relationship in a variety of areas including:

  • Performance Appraisals
  • Termination Protocol
  • Benefits
  • Vacations
  • Drug Prevention
  • and more…

Simply Business Solutions provides a user-friendly employee handbook tailored to fit your industry and unique niche’. Authored by our experienced team of writers, we publish it using electronic page-layout technology using methods that will give anyone in your organization ability to easily update it in the future.

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