Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

Inequality in the accounting department of a business remains a common issue. For example, when the accounts receivable and accounts payable  tasks overwhelm your “one” staff person, yet remain insufficient to employ two people in that department, where lies the relief valve? Cross training employees between departments demonstrate a popular choice; however, what happens when a cross-trained employee lacks expertise or suffers from a lack of desire? The plot thickens: what happens when business thrives and all departments work at capacity?

Simply Business Solutions can help “Bridge the Gap”!   The proper management of the accounts payable and receivable can optimize working capital, sustain cash savings initiatives, create better relationships both with  your vendors and customers which will  lead to higher profits and a more flexible organization.

Simply Business Solutions combines process rigor with leading-edge technology, analytics, and transformation solutions to drive higher impact by enabling a more effective AR/AP function.  After all, it is your money and you need to manage it for the best cash flow standing.

Here are just a few of the services we offer.

  • Document management
  • Scanning
  • Invoice processing
  • Approval and resolution management
  • Month-end and internal/external reporting


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